Market Look-For’s

  • Like most fruit, juicy apples feel heavy in the hand because they are full of moisture.
  • As apples store they evaporate that moisture, leaving the skin slightly shriveled. Stored apples are still delicious but the longer they store the better they are for cooking as opposed to eating out of the hand.


  • Keep in a cool, dark place that is between 40-55 degrees. A root cellar or under a blanket in the garage during the fall will both work well.
  • Some apples store better than others. The Goldrush Apple is my favorite for storing. Ask your farmer for the best varieties for your situation and usage.


  • Antique apples are equal to the heirloom tomato. These varieties will show significantly more variations in flavor, skin and flesh texture. Again talk to your farmer; they know the most about their varieties and will point you to their favorites.