Market Look-For’s

  • Even coloring. Dark spots are indicative of age or disease.
  • Even skin texture. Pock marks or shrivels show age and loss of moisture.
  • Yellowing shows age and that the asparagus is starting to break down.


  • In a vase of water in the fridge so that the stalks will continue to wick up water.
  • Wrapped in a damp paper towel in a plastic bag


  • I have found no real flavor difference between the thick and thin stalks, more a matter of preference and usage. I use the thick stalks for shaving raw or grilling so they can get a good char without going squishy. I like the thin stalks for a quick sauteé in butter.
  • Asparagus tends to be sandy so give a good soak in a lot of water and agitate to get the sand out.
  • To remove the woody base from the stalk, I snap the ends as opposed to cut them because you can’t snap a tough stalk as easily as you can cut it. So feel your way down the stalk and snap when it gets easy.