Market Look-For’s

  • Tops-on means they were dug within the week. Greens should be perky and skin should be free of deep blemishes
  • No tops, probably means they have been stored for a while. Look for firm skin and no limp root sponginess when pressed.


  • Remove tops to store.
  • Store roots in a paper bag in a plastic bag in the fridge or cellar. Plastic keeps moisture in; paper shields light and wicks excess moisture away to prevent mold
  • Should store for months on end


  • The darker the color of carrot the earthier the flavor will be. Use any color carrot for any recipe but be warned that purple carrots will turn your stock and braises purple.
  • Carrot tops are in the same family as parsley and have a similar astringency. Blend them with olive oil, garlic and sunflower seeds for a piquant salsa verde.
  • Carrots get sweeter after each frost.
  • “Baby Carrots” are actually the whittled down center of large storage carrots.