Market Look-For’s

  • Compact heads that are firm and without black spots
  • The leaves are edible and delicious, so if you can get them from the market with the greens all the better


  • In a paper bag within a plastic bag to moderate the moisture.
  • Cut the head into florets and store separately from the leaves.


  • Cauliflower comes in a range of colors from white to deep purple. They taste similar. The purple does not taste like grape not matter what your farmer says.
  • Being a member of the brassica family, cauliflower is intensely nutritious but like all vegetables the dark or more varied the color the more micronutrients it contains.
  • Cauliflower takes on a deeply nutty flavor when roasted darkly.
  • It also has starch suspended in its cells and makes a silky puree or soup when blended to activate that starch.