Celery Root


Market Look-For’s

  • Bulbs should be firm when squeezed
  • Disregard their green shoulders and knobby, dirty outside, you’ll cut it all off anyway.
  • Watch out for any deep worm marks, will cause your celery root to not store as well.


  • Store roots in a paper bag in a plastic bag in the fridge or cellar. Plastic keeps moisture in; paper shields light and wicks excess moisture away to prevent mold. Also does well in a root cellar or garage.
  • Should store for months on end.


  • Celery root (celeriac) is the version of celery that has been bred to have a big root bundle and spindly tops (like beets to chard).
  • Will have less astringency than stalk celery
  • Will oxidize quickly after being cut. Store in acidulated water to keep bright white.
  • Eat raw, roasted or baked