Market Look-For’s

  • Bright, tight skin
  • Cranberries will always feel super light so unlike other fruits, don’t be deterred when they don’t feel heavy in the hand.
  • Avoid wrinkled or puckered cranberries


  • Cranberries will store for weeks in the fridge or freezer
  • Most cranberry sauces also store for weeks on end, so if they are getting on in age in their raw state, just cook them up quick and store that for another couple of months


  • Cranberries are often cooked with so much sugar overwhelming their natural acidity. Consider starting with half as much sugar as a recipe calls for and then adding to suit yourself.
  • Because of that acidity they shouldn’t be cooked in an aluminum pan because they will take on a metallic taste.
  • Cranberry sauce works as well as vinegar or a lemon to polish copper pots. But eating the sauce is a better use of product.