Market Look-For’s

  • Even coloring. Dark spots are indicative of age or disease.
  • Even skin texture. Pock marks or shrivels show age and loss of moisture.


  • In a paper bag in a plastic bag in the fridge. The paper helps keep the humidity in balance and the plastic keeps the mushrooms from evaporating away too much moisture.
  • If you’ve washed them and they are very wet, store on a sheet tray between two tea towels until dry.


  • To clean: either wash in water or simply brush dirt away. For washing in water, really soak and change the water to remove sand. If not especially dirty, just brush the bits off.
  • Classically, you don’t want to cook too many mushrooms at a time because they will steam and never brown. I have not found this to be true; simply cook the longer, over higher heat and with a bit more fat to evaporate off the excess moisture.