Peppers (Hot)


Market Look-For’s

  • Bright, tight skin
  • Avoid peppers that are bruised or have rotty tips. Or buy them and cut away the blemishes, but beware that bruised vegetables never store for as long.
  • Talk with your farmer about the heat level of particular varieties. Heat not only varies by variety but also by growing season.


  • Store in a plastic bag in the fridge if using within a couple of weeks
  • If preserving either dry the peppers, steep in vinegar, blend and freeze or ferment into hot sauce. This is why it is worthwhile to buy them in large quantities.


  • The heat of a pepper depends on the season in which it was grown. Like radishes, the pepper will get hotter when under a bit of stress. If it was a particularly hot or dry summer, the peppers should be hotter. But ask your farmer.
  • The heat of the pepper lives in the seeds and in the white capsaseum. Remove that if you want your end result to be less spicy.
  • Use gloves when cutting/handling hot peppers and for real, don’t rub your eye or any other sensitive body parts. This is not a joke.

Recipes Using hot peppers