Market Look-For’s

  • Roots should be firm and not wrinkly.
  • Greens should be perky and free of yellowing.
  • Avoid ones with dark spots—a sign of root maggots.


  • If storing for awhile, remove the tops.
  • Store in the fridge wrapped in plastic.
  • If they are getting limp, store in water to crisp.


  • French Breakfast Radishes are generally the most mild because of their high intercellular water content.
  • The greens are also edible (though a bit hairy). Give them a quick saute with garlic and eat like kale or collard greens.
  • Watermelon and Black Radishes are fall varieties and will store like turnips.
  • Eating raw is classic, but a good roast or poach in chicken stock are good alternatives.