Market Look-For’s

  • Even coloring. Dark spots are indicative of age or disease.
  • Bright glossy leaves. Wrinkled leaves indicate loss of moisture due to age or improper storage.
  • Spinach does best in cooler weather. Expect to see it at market in the spring and fall.


  • In a plastic bag in a the fridge


  • Spinach has tendency to be very sandy, give a couple of soaks to be sure it is grit free.
  • Like most things, the older the spinach the more flavor it has. Baby spinach is for babies.
  • Spinach can get really booger-y the longer it is cooked. Give a quick sauteé or toss with a warm vinaigrette to wilt without getting slimy.
  • Raw spinach is loaded with oxcylic acid, too much of which can make some people cough. It tastes especially spinach-y give it a quick cook to neutralize that acid.