Market Look-For’s

  • Bright, tight skin
  • The heavier the tomato in the hand, the juicer it will be
  • The deeper the color the riper the fruit. This doesn’t mean the darker the color, but really the deeper. If it is red on the surface but with undertones of green the tomato is not that ripe.
  • Utilize blemished tomatoes for preserving or making sauce.
  • Please don’t squeeze our tomatoes for fear of bruising them. Please ask about their ripeness if you can’t tell by looking.


  • I never store tomatoes in the fridge unless they are in danger of rotting, and I’m going out of town.
  • Instead, store them on the counter, out of the sun until ready to eat.
  • If the tomatoes are under-ripe and you need them to ripen lickety-split, store them inside a paper bag to promote the exposure to etheleyne gas.


  • Like beets and carrots, the lighter the color of the tomato the sweeter the flavor; the darker (red or purple), the earthier.
  • Look to this tomato post to differentiate between an heirloom, hybrid and GMO tomato.