Athenian Room

Mezzanine_903.jpg.resize.768x432Athenian Room 773.348.5155

807 W. Webster Ave Chicago IL

Erik has been going to the Athenian Room since he was little. I walked by it almost every day on my way to work at Floriole. I had always dismissed it because it’s not much to look at; white stucco attached to a bro-bro bar. But the kalamata chicken is worth every bro and boob salad that you have to step over to get in the door. Perfectly grilled half bird resting on top of thick fries that are tossed with Greek vinaigrette and the chicken juices. Amazing. No wonder Tina Fey cites it as her favorite Chicago restaurant. Pro tip: there’s no alcohol in the dining room, but you can go to the bar and bring a beer over. If there’s a super long wait for the dining room, you can sit in the bar and order and eat there.