Avec Restaurant


Avec Restaurant 312.377.2002

615 W. Randolph Chicago, IL


The One-Off Hospitality Group runs some of the best food establishments in Chicago. Avec is the sister restaurant to their flagship, Blackbird. Blackbird was the first, how they made their name, and still a Chicago institution. But we go back again and again to Avec. It is somehow both casual and the place where we find ourselves when its time to celebrate. The menu classics—bacon-wrapped dates, truffle deluxe cheese focaccia, brandade and crispy chocolate—are not to be missed. But overlooked by many are the rotating specials—the whole fish and any of the vegetable dishes—illustrate how to keep people’s favorites but not atrophy in their wake. And it is one of the best places to get a glass of wine and several snacks at 4 in the afternoon.