Sun Wah BBQ


5039 N. Broadway

I found out about Sun Wah the way that is always sort of annoying, “You mean you’ve never BEEN to SUN WAH.” No I hadn’t and I for damn sure wasn’t going now ya jerks. But then I had also never had Chinese BBQ before either. So for research and cultural awareness sake, I made the drive to the north side and ordered the duck dinner. For the record, this is the only thing I’ve ever ordered at Sun Wah (except one time when we went with a large group and I got some garlicky sautéed spinach as a side) and it will probably be the only thing I ever will. One of the best deals in Chicago—a whole duck, cut table side, served with steamed rice flour rounds, pickled and raw vegetables and a bevy of sauces to assemble the most delicious buns. Then a large bowl of duck fried rice arrives at the table. Then a large bowl of duck broth with bitter melon arrives at the table. You’re fed for minimum three days and all for a completely reasonable $40 per duck.